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An outgrowth of the successful MediaShare Project, the New York Six Connected Consortium Partnership is a collaboration of the library directors and chief information officers and their staffs on the six member campuses. Through the CCP, the schools will explore issues related to information management and technology and develop resources that will make possible the sharing of information among the six campuses.

Through the CCP, students and faculty participating in Consortium activities will interact both electronically (through the use of video-conferencing, web collaboration tools, real-time chats, emerging social media, and digital storytelling, among other means) and in person (for example, via workshops, symposia, and conferences).

Through the libraries, they will have access to information resources across our six institutions. These interactions will create learning communities across the Consortium built around identified scholarly themes that are enabled through modern technology, resulting in greater breadth and depth of curricular exploration by students, development and utilization of new technologies, and teaching and research partnerships across the Consortium.  The first Consortium academic program to benefit from the CCP will be the International Initiative.