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Are strong connections the key to resilience?

As colleges across the country have closed their doors in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen the New York Six institutions take swift action: getting off-campus study students and faculty home, shifting instruction to remote learning, and working with international students to travel home or remain on campus. Department and program seminars, national and international conferences, and other scholarly activities have been either canceled, postponed, or reconfigured. The New York Six, which operates remotely, is not immune. We have had to cancel or postpone our events, and we are developing contingency plans in case we cannot hold in-person events in the near future.

For the past 10 years, the New York Six has offered programming intended to build strong networks between our member institutions. While colleges have, by necessity, looked inward to address the current crisis, New York Six faculty, staff, and administrators have also turned to their NY6 peers to ask questions and share resources to address the complex problems the pandemic has created. 

Building strong connections may, indeed, be the key to resilience now and in the future. I encourage you to consider ways that the New York Six may be able to help: Are there needs that would lend themselves to a collaborative solution? Do you want to connect with your colleagues at peer institutions for ideas and support? Has this temporary, but profound, shift in modes of instruction and scholarship given you ideas for new academic-related collaborations? If so, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Deanna McCay

Deanna oversees academic-related collaborations for the New York Six.