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CNY Humanities Corridor Supports Activities at Hamilton and Colgate in 2016

The Central New York Humanities Corridor is a unique regional collaboration between Syracuse University, Cornell University, the University of Rochester and the schools of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium.  The Corridor sponsors interdisciplinary humanities activities, and has commited support for the following activities by faculty at Colgate University and Hamilton College in 2016:

Activities at Colgate University:

VAC4: New Media Art Practice (nMapP)
Wenhua Shi
Early Computer Animation Screening
Digital Aesthetic Symposium & Digital Mapping Performance
Workshop constructing and composing for fobotic percussion ensemble

VAC5: Place and Displacement Staging Cultures and Locales in American Theatre in the 21st Century
Adrian Giurgea
PLanning meeting at Colgate

MMH22: Performance/History
Christian DuComb
Mary Simonson
Seminar with Elin Diamond

LLC11: Perspectives on Europe from the Periphery
Working group planning and research meeting

Activities at Hamilton College:

VAC2: Critical Asian Cinematic Spaces
Wang Zhouyi
Chinese Cinema Workshop

PHI9: CNY Ethics Reading Group
Alexandra Plakias
Workshop Meeting

LLC13: Alguien al Otro Lado
Spanish Film Today with Ferando Leon de Aranoa
Seminar and Workshop

The CNY Humanities Corridor has funding to support faculty travel for Corridor activities.  If you are a faculty member at a New York Six school and are involved in a CNY Humanities Corridor working group, or are interested in attending public Corridor events on other campuses, you are likely eligible to seek support through this grant.  Their calendar of events is available online.  Please contact Nell Bartkowiak, Project Manager for the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium, for more information about funding available to NY6 faculty through the CNY Humanities Corridor.