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Five Upstate-Global Collective Projects Funded

Launched in September 2014 with a workshop at Union College drawing over 60 faculty and staff from across the New York Six, the Upstate-Global Collective aims to create scholarly communities across the Consortium made up of faculty and students who are passionate about exploring themes that not only have rich historical roots here in upstate New York, but are also of current consequence worldwide.  The project funds research fellowships for students, supports faculty development activities on themes related to human rights and sustainability, and encourages faculty to conduct international study trips to explore these themes worldwide.  

Working groups supported under this project will have two years to complete their work.  The first round of funding supports projects from 2014-2016; we will be soliciting proposals for the second round of funding in 2015, with support offered 2015-2017.  Five project were funded during this first round, involving roughly 40 faculty across all six member schools:

1. "Indigeneity, Sustainability, and Human Rights" (Ashdown/Hobart & William Smith, Brown/Hobart & William Smith, McLane/St. Lawrence, Moss/Hamilton, and Schermerhorn/Hamilton)

2. "A Culture of Respect" (Egan/St. Lawrence, Harris/Hobart & William Smith, Hwangpo/Hamilton, Liebana/Hobart & William Smith, Nieves/Hamilton, and Thomson/Colgate)

3. "Immigration and Human Rights: Border Issues to the North, South, and Beyond" (Bansak/St. Lawrence, Barnes/Skidmore, Garcia/Union, Loe/Colgate, Martinez/Union, Olesker/St. Lawrence, Schonberg/St. Lawrence, Simpson/Colgate, Sparber/Colgate, Thomson/Colgate, and Wong/St. Lawrence)

4. "Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Pluralist Societies" (Bedford/Union, Cerulli/Hobart & William Smith, Cushing/Colgate, Deegalle/Colgate, Howlett/Skidmore, Kafrawi/Hobart & William Smith, Kent/Skidmore, Reinbold/Hobart & William Smith, Scheinfeld/Colgate, Schermerhorn/Hamilton, and Sindima/Colgate)

5. "Upstate and Global Impacts of Invasive Species" (Brown/Hobart & William Smith, Corbin/Union, Cosentino/Hobart & William Smith, Cushman/Hobart & William Smith, McCay/Colgate, Ness/Skidmore, Schmidt/Union, and Seo/Colgate)