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New York Six Cross-Registration Initiative

As collaborative instructional opportunities grow through Consortium activities, there will be an increasing number of course options open for cross-registration by students enrolled as full-time matriculated students at one of the New York Six member schools.  Note that cross-registration will NOT be an option for all course offerings, but only those included in the list approved for New York Six Cross-Registration (see below).  Right now, these will include only undergraduate language courses offered through an instructional model that would allow participation from students outside the instructor's home institution.  In addition, enrollment in some courses may be restricted by the campus offering the course.  Normally, students do not begin taking courses through the Consortium until after the first semester of freshman year.  

For more information on cross-registration procedures, regulations and institutional policies, please review the Cross-Registration Guidelines document above.

To seek approval to cross-register for an approved course, please use the Cross-Registration Form above.  


Courses available through cross-registration for the fall 2018 term include the following:*

>Hindi/Urdu I (HIN 101): Introductory Hindi [Offered through an agreement with Syracuse University to share instruction over a synchronous video connection]

Course Description: This course is designed primarily for those who have no, or very little, exposure to Hindi language. Students will learn to read Hindi through Devanagari script and learn basic survival linguistic skills needed in day to day life in the target language. It is proficiency based course and emphasize on all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Class timing: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:25-9:20am

Semester Schedule: Hindi 101 follows the Syracuse University academic calendar. Classes run Monday, August 27, 2018, through Friday, December 7, 2018. Final exams are from Dec. 10 through Dec. 14. Please see for more information about the academic calendar.

Instructor: Lahkan Gusain

Location: Classroom assignment varies by NY6 campus; students may be asked to connect individually using their own laptop or computer (students will need access to a webcam, microphone & speakers or headset). Classroom assignment information is available from your home campus registrar

Registration process:  Students wishing to enroll in this Hindi class must submit the cross-registration form to the Registrar at their HOME institution no later than 12 noon on Monday, August 13, 2018.


*Note that if your home school offers an equivalent course on campus, you will not be able to petition to enroll in one of these courses through cross-registration.  Also note that you must first seek approval by your home institution.  Please review the guidelines document above.  Please note that New York Six schools reserve the right to add or cancel courses, or change their days, times, locations, or instructors, as deemed necessary.  Please contact the host institution directly to confirm offerings or note any course changes.  Thank you.    


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register?

To be considered for registration in a NY6 shared course, you will need to complete a cross-registration form (see above).  You should read through the cross-registration guidelines document first (also available above).  Then, complete the left-hand side of the cross-registration form, including your student information.  Note the total credit hours you will be enrolled in for the term NOT counting the language course.

Sign and date the bottom right-hand side of the form, and scan/email it to the contact at your school's Registrar’s Office, listed below.  You can work on getting the needed approvals (HOME Chair or Advisor) after submitting the initial form to your Registrar's Office.  

How do I get this completed/signed form to the host school registrar?  Please follow the instructions below for the relevant institution:

Colgate University
Please fax signed forms to the Registrar’s office at 315-228-7125 (fax) or scan/email to  For more information, please contact Sue Burdick (Associate Registrar) at or 315-228-7676. 

Hamilton College
Please fax signed forms to the Registrar’s office at 315-859-4632 (fax) or scan/email to  For more information, please contact Kristin Friedel, College Registrar. 

Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Please fax signed forms to the Registrar’s office at 315-781-3920 (fax). For more information, please contact William Ellison at

St. Lawrence University
Please fax signed forms to the Registrar’s office at 315-229-7424 (fax) or scan/email to

Skidmore College
Please fax signed forms to the Registrar’s office at 518-580-5749 (fax) or scan/email to  For more information, please contact Shannon Phillips (Assistant Registrar) at or 518-580-5710.

Union College
Please fax signed forms to the Registrar’s office at 518-388-6173 (fax) or scan/email to  For more information, please contact Al Sacco, the Assistant Registrar.

For other questions about this initiative, or for more detailed course information, please contact Deanna McCay at, or contact your school's Registrar directly.