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Vietnamese Culture Class Offered Spring 2019

The New York Six is piloting a new class for Spring 2019! Professor Jack Harris, from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, will be teaching a 200-level sociology class on Vietnam that is open to students at Hobart and William Smith, St. Lawrence University, and Skidmore College.

The class, called "Vietnam: Conflict, Contradiction, and Change," is fully synchronous and will meet on Mondays and Fridays from 8:35-10:00 am.

Course description from the syllabus:

We will seek to understand the complex history, culture and social relations of Vietnam that are the foundations of contemporary Vietnam. We will study the array of Vietnamese social institutions for signs of conflict, consensus, and change such as kinship and gender relations, rural village and urban life, religion, economy, education, and tribal and ethnic relations. We examine Vietnam’s legacy of conflict and colonialism, including the American/Vietnam war and its human social, political and environmental effects on the nation. We explore at how the Vietnamese are negotiating and seeking to reconcile and resolve the contradictions of socialist and capitalist theory and practice towards genuine rather than a fictive consensus, as they seek to improve the lives of all of the people, and position themselves as a significant Southeast Asian political and economic force. We will make extensive use of the site and professional and personal contacts to understand the social forces in which the Vietnamese find themselves.


To register for the class, please contact your registrar for the cross-registration form.For more information, please contact Deanna McCay (