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Teagle Grant Proposal

The New York Six has received a $150,000 grant from the Teagle Foundation for a blended learning project.


The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium Blended Learning Project will engage faculty from the six member campuses in the integration of blended or hybrid learning in new or existing courses, in which face-to-face engagement will be combined with technology-based elements, such as online tutorials or modules, online journals, blogs, webinars, videos, and group chats....

NY6 Digital Scholarship Speaker Series: Gardner Campbell Video

What Is Digital Scholarship? Culturomics. Networked science. Big data. Digital humanities. Personal cyberinfrastructures. Computational thinking. Are these mere buzz words, or does digital scholarship offer the learned professions something truly new? This talk explores this question, from Vannevar Bush's Memex to ways in which personal, networked computing offers us new ways to think about, and experience, communication, metaphoricity, and metacognition.


MediaShare original proposal

This is the section of the NY Six Mellon proposal that described the MediaShare project.