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UGC Project Descriptions for Partner Identification - updated 10/22/14

This document provides project descriptions offered by those who responded to a recent survey of interest among workshop participants and others who are interested in being involved in this project.  These topics are related to one or both of the initial themes, and are being described here in an effort to identify interested partners across the New York Six schools.  

Please read through descriptions or use a keyword search to identify projects relevant to your interest.  If you are...

UGC Workshop - Focus Group I Notes

These notes were transcribed from flip charts used during the first breakout session of the introductory workshop, which split participants up into one of the two primary themes, sustainability and human rights.  

UGC Introductory Workshop - Focus Group II Notes

Working groups were formed during the second half ot he breakout session to address specific topics within the broad themes of human rights and sustainability.  Included here are the notes from these working groups.  Note that names have been obscured given the public nature of this site.  Contact the Project Manager directly for unobscured copy.