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News, coming events - it's all in the July NY6 Newsletter. Read all about it!

NY6 Featured in Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Chronicle of Higher Education has featured NY6 collaborations in a recently published case study, Collaborating to Cut Costs. The piece features Hamilton College and its engagement in a range of Consortium activities that cut or reduce costs. The case study is available here.

Hindi 101 to be offered in the fall semester

The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium is pleased to offer Hindi/Urdu 101 in the Fall 2018 Term. The class is offered through Syracuse University over a synchronous video connection.

Hindi 101 (HIN 101) is designed primarily for those who have no, or very little, exposure to Hindi language. Students will learn to read Hindi through Devanagari script and learn basic survival linguistic skills needed in day-to-day life in the target language. It is proficiency based course and...