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The New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium is pleased to offer seed grant opportunities to encourage faculty to develop new partnerships and academic collaborations.  Seed grants of up to $1,000 are available to support up to six academic working groups per year.  Faculty who are currently involved in or are interested in developing new academic collaborations are invited to submit proposals for funding to support their project.  

Interested faculty may submit proposal materials to NY6 Project Manager Deanna McCay, at dmccay@newyork6.orgProposals are accepted at any time and considered on a rolling basis.

Please see the attached proposal guidelines for eligibility information and submission instructions.


Previously funded projects:

Critical Gender, Sexuality, and LGBT Studies. Principal organizer: Melissa Autumn White (Hobart and William Smith). Faculty collaborators: Ken Valente (Colgate), Anne Lacsamana (Hamilton), Gwen D'Arcangelis and Kate Graney (Skidmore), Jennifer Mitchell (Union). Activity: Faculty retreat and public symposium.

Model Organization of American States. Principal organizer: Shelley McConnell (St. Lawrence). Faculty collaborators: Viviana Rangel (Skidmore), Heather Sullivan (Hamilton). Activity: Faculty retreat to develop NY6 participation in Washington Model OAS program.

Interdisciplinary Chemical Biology Approach for the Identification of Novel Compounds Promoting Plant Disease Resistance. Principal organizer: Rajinikanth Mohan (Colgate). Faculty collaborators: Max Majireck (Hamilton), Erin Pelkey (Hobart and William Smith). Activity: Training and conducting research.

Intergroup Dialogue Workshop. Principal organizers: Carolyn Hsu (Colgate), khristian kemp-delisser (Colgate). Activity: IGD workshop open to all NY6 institutions.

McCay Co-Authors STEM Opinion Piece

NY6 Project Manager Deanna McCay is co-author of a recently published opinion piece, "Preparing Graduate Students for STEM Careers Outside Academia," which appears in the current online edition of Eos: Earth & Space Science News. The article notes that more than 50 percent of all doctoral degree holders in STEM fields do not work in academia or do research as their primary job. McCay and her co-authors recommend a number of strategies to prepare students for a broader range of career options, many of which are applicable to undergraduate students in STEM majors as well.

New website for Undergraduate Research Conference

We have a new website for the New York Six Undergraduate Research Conference! To register for the conference and to find out all the latest information, please visit